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What We Do

Utilizing our unique knowledge of the community, expertise in best practices in philanthropy, and sound management of assets, we are a trusted connector between those with philanthropic resources – individual donors, families, and organizations – and nonprofit organizations meeting community needs. 

Our Role

The Windsor Community Foundation provides a simple and tax-smart way to fulfill your philanthropic goals and thoughtfully support the region’s charitable needs by offering: 


  • Personalized service: We help individuals, families, businesses and nonprofit agencies achieve their charitable and financial goals by providing tools and resources that make giving easy, flexible and effective.

  • Local expertise: We have an in-depth understanding of the community’s challenges and the groups and individuals addressing them.

  • Community leadership: The Community Foundation plays a key role in addressing community needs, now and in the future.


Foundation donors bring their own life experience and unique charitable goals. Board and staff members bring a knowledge of asset management and grantmaking. Working together, they accomplish something truly significant.

Contact the Community Foundation at or 970-304-9970 if you are interested in learning more.

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